Rotavirus Vaccine Is Critical Component Of ‘Our Collective Anti-Diarrhea Toolkit’

Huffington Post: Reducing Diarrheal Disease With Rotavirus Vaccine
Marion Roche, technical adviser with the Micronutrient Initiative (MI)

“…Rotavirus causes about one-third of diarrheal deaths in children; vaccinating children against it could save hundreds of thousands of lives and make life easier for so many parents. … The rotavirus vaccine definitely belongs in our collective anti-diarrhea toolkit, along with access to clean water and proper sanitation, access to health services, and, of course, access to life-saving treatment with zinc and oral rehydration salts for when children get sick. Governments are taking on the challenge of tackling diarrhea, working in partnership with MI, DefeatDD and other NGOs, U.N. agencies and civil society groups, to best reflect the needs of [each] country. Diarrhea may not be glamorous, but the rotavirus vaccine is a shining star in the public health world” (2/3).