Role Of New U.S. Ebola Coordinator Remains Unclear, News Sources Report

News outlets examine the role of the new U.S. Ebola coordinator.

Devex: Obama’s new Ebola czar — and what it means for U.S. aid work on the ground
“…With a background in law and politics, [Ron] Klain will manage the U.S. response to [Ebola]. But what does the role mean for development professionals working on the ground to contain the disease? That’s still unclear, even within the U.S. government’s hefty development agency…” (Tyson, 10/22).

Washington Post: When things go wrong, Obama increasingly relies on his inner circle, not his Cabinet
“As the White House grappled with the unpredictable nature of Ebola on U.S. soil, one aspect of the government’s response was relatively easy to forecast: Sooner or later, President Obama would turn to a fixer to help solve the problem. … On Wednesday, former White House staff member and Democratic strategist Ron Klain will formally join Obama’s staff to oversee the government’s Ebola response…” (Eilperin/Nakamura, 10/22).