Rex Tillerson’s Business Experience Not ‘Easily Transferable’ To State Department Leadership

New York Times: The Trump Administration Is Making War on Diplomacy
Editorial Board

“…Rex Tillerson is widely seen as ill suited to diplomatic leadership and determined to dismantle his own department, which has been central to America’s national security since Thomas Jefferson ran the place. The [State Department] is being undermined by budget cuts, a failure to fill top jobs, an erratic president, and a secretary who has called reorganization, rather than policy, his most important priority. Given the aggressive behavior of North Korea, Russia, and China in a world that seems shakier by the day, the timing could hardly be worse. … All in all, Mr. Tillerson is disrupting the smooth development of career State Department leaders from entry level to the senior ranks, which will create shortages of experienced diplomats down the road. Not surprisingly, morale has plummeted. … Mr. Tillerson is no doubt correct that the State Department, like any bureaucracy, could benefit from scrutiny and thoughtful reform. … But over all, Mr. Tillerson has shown that business experience isn’t easily transferable to government, where the driver is not the bottom line but the national interest…” (11/18).