Review Of Global TB Control Strategies Vital To Success

The Lancet: Is the global tuberculosis control strategy too big to fail?
Reuben Granich, public health consultant

“Tuberculosis is a major killer and will remain so without considerable changes. … Decades of greater attention and increased political will has not been enough — a serious review of global tuberculosis control strategy is merited. … Budgeting for ambitious targets makes sense and is necessary to successfully tackle tuberculosis control. However, calling for increased funding for a poorly performing disease control strategy is never easy. Requests for funding should be based on new strategies that review available resources and past returns on investments. There are many hard questions to be asked about strategy, leadership, and longstanding inefficiencies, including wasteful meetings, redundant international organizations, and antiquated, ineffective service delivery. Asking tough questions should not be seen as an attack; it is essential to rapidly learn from past failures and course correct to ensure increased funding and the success of robust tuberculosis control efforts” (11/1).