Researchers Examine Cost, Cost-Effectiveness Of Preventing Maternal Deaths

Woodrow Wilson Center’s Environmental Change and Security Program’s ‘New Security Beat‘: How Much Does It Cost to Save a Mother’s Life?
Ben Johns, senior associate and scientist at Abt Associates, and Claudia Morrissey Conlon, U.S. government lead for Saving Mothers, Giving Life, discuss recent research aimed at understanding the cost and cost-effectiveness of preventing maternal deaths. The authors write, “To understand how much money would be needed to address all key delays that prevent women from accessing life-saving medical care in a timely manner — delays in seeking, reaching, and receiving care — we tallied the costs. We then calculated cost-effectiveness. … The results of our three-delay costing study, which were recently published in Global Health: Science and Practice, reveal critical information needed to comprehend the magnitude of funding needed to eliminate these preventable deaths…” (4/29).