Researchers Continue To Analyze Data On Zika, Microcephaly, Look For Answers In Ugandan Forest Where Disease First Discovered

Nature: Zika and birth defects: what we know and what we don’t
“…Researchers are piling up evidence at record speed. But much of the epidemiological data from Brazil is poor, largely because a problem was only suspected months after the virus had spread through large parts of the country, and the clinical data so far available are mostly preliminary. Here, Nature summarizes what is — and isn’t — known so far about the situation…” (Butler, 3/21).

Reuters: In Uganda’s Zika Forest, global health scare seems a world away
“…This may be the birthplace of Zika — the virus took its name from the forest after being found here nearly 70 years ago — but there is no record of it causing health problems in the area. Julius Lutwama, a Ugandan virologist who has researched mosquito-borne viruses, including Zika, for 31 years, believes Zika is unlikely to be a threat here because Africans appear to have resistance…” (Biryabarema, 3/22).

Wall Street Journal: Ugandan Forest Holds Clues to Zika’s Spread
“…Researchers are combing this forest for clues that might reveal how a normally mild mosquito-borne disease sparked a global public health emergency this year, blamed for a startling rise in birth defects and a neurological disorder. Across Africa, health officials are heightening surveillance for a virus that once attracted little notice but that many say may have caused similar, undetected complications in the past…” (Bariyo/McKay, 3/21).