Research Continues To Develop Safe, Effective Ebola Vaccine

Media sources report on efforts to develop a vaccine to treat or prevent Ebola.

CIDRAP News: At symposium, vaccine seen as best hope for arresting Ebola
“At a wide-ranging symposium on West Africa’s Ebola epidemic [Tuesday], much of the attention focused on the hope of an effective vaccine, as a U.S. official announced that a large clinical trial of two candidate vaccines may be launched in Liberia in December…” (Roos, 10/14).

National Geographic: Long Quest for Ebola Vaccine Slowed by Science, Ethics, Politics
“Ebola vaccines are so effective in monkeys that macaques can be protected or rescued even if they’re injected with a hundred times the lethal dose of the Ebola virus after vaccination. But no one knows for certain whether the vaccines will work in humans; the vaccines haven’t yet been rigorously tested in people…” (Weintraub, 10/14).