Report Says 75% Of Asia-Pacific Emerging Economies Facing Water Crises

“About 75 percent of emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific region suffer from low levels of water security, with millions still living without safe water supplies and sanitation facilities, according to a study” published last week, SciDev.Net reports. “The Asian Water Development Outlook 2013, prepared by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Asia Pacific Water Forum, showed that out of the 49 countries surveyed, 37 are facing serious water crises,” and blamed “rising populations, urbanization, lack of governmental investment and outdated policies and institutions, among other factors,” for a lack of sufficient access to clean water and sanitation services, according to the news service (Sarmiento/Panela, 3/16). “By focusing on critical water issues, AWDO 2013 provides finance and planning leaders with recommendations on policy actions to improve water governance and guidance on investments to increase their country’s water security,” the ADB website notes (March 2013).