Renewed Focus On Long-Term Food Aid Solutions Will Help More People Worldwide

Baltimore Sun: U.S. food aid still needed around the world
Mike Gesker, a writer at Catholic Relief Services

“…Today, 60 years after the launch of [President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s] Food for Peace program, it is still bringing vital food to hungry children, women and men overseas. This is a testament to the hard work not just of U.S. farmers, but also business people, grain elevator operators, truck drivers, freight movers, port operators, as well as our federal government, and relief agencies like Baltimore-based Catholic Relief Services. But even as we celebrate six decades of success, much work remains to be done … Improved water management — including wells, irrigation and earthen dams — drought resistant crops; improved crop storage techniques, linking farmers to markets, and more education will help hungry communities help themselves…” (7/9).