Reflecting On The Role Of Health Workers In Improving Women’s Health Globally

In a post in IntraHealth’s “Global Health Blog,” Rebecca Kohler, senior vice president of corporate strategy and development for IntraHealth, reflects on the Women Deliver conference, noting she “attended the conference to hear what the international community is saying about the roles health workers play in achieving this global imperative.” She asks whether “health workers [are] delivering for women,” highlighting the role of midwives in women’s health and noting “there is still much to do to ensure that all health workers can deliver for women.” She examines whether the international community is “delivering for health workers,” and writes, “[U]nfortunately, the answer is, ‘Not really.'” She highlights “a technical brief presented by the Barcelona-based firm Integrare” to support this claim and concludes, “Clearly, there is still need for the global community and all of us to advocate for increased attention, collective action, and resources for health workers, be they clinical officers, midwives, anesthesiologists, or community health workers” (6/10).