Reaching Men, Fathers With HIV Services Critical To Accelerating Progress Toward Controlling Epidemic

Huffington Post: Healthy Fathers And Men Help Build Healthy Communities
Deborah L. Birx, U.S. global AIDS coordinator and U.S. special representative for global health diplomacy

“…On this Father’s Day, PEPFAR celebrates the fathers … and the millions of men around the world playing vital roles in ensuring their own health, the welfare of their families and societies, and our collective efforts to control the HIV/AIDS pandemic. … PEPFAR is deeply committed to reaching men with HIV prevention and treatment services … Today and every day, we applaud the fathers and other men who are accessing HIV services, embracing gender equity, stopping the cycle of sexual and gender-based violence, and supporting their daughters — and all adolescent girls and young women — to stay in school, find employment, and live HIV-free lives. By reaching men and fathers … with HIV services and empowering them as healthy role models for their families and communities — together, we are accelerating progress toward controlling the HIV/AIDS pandemic” (6/16).