Quartz Examines Possible Consequences Of Restricting Access To Legal Abortion In U.S.

Quartz: Two case studies show what could happen in the U.S. if abortion were outlawed
“…U.S. President-elect Donald Trump indicated this week that he plans to roll back abortion rights. He chose the vehement anti-abortionist Mike Pence as his vice president, and the Republican party that nominated him has a long history of trying to restrict such rights. But a look at countries and states where abortion rights are heavily restricted shows that reducing access to legal abortions doesn’t stop women from having them. The Guttmacher Institute, a non-governmental organization that tracks global maternal health, reports that in places where abortion is restricted, roughly as many women have the procedure as in places where it’s legal — but abortions are likely to be more expensive and more dangerous…” (Werber, 11/15).