Putting Women, Children, Adolescents At Center Of Development Efforts Will Ensure Effectiveness Of SDGs

Huffington Post: Saving a Generation Within a Generation
Flavia Bustreo, World Health Organization assistant director-general for family, women’s and children’s health, and vice chair of the Board of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

“…[The] commitment to make life healthier for future generations is the foundation for the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health. The new Strategy aims to ensure the effectiveness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) … This week, I will attend a special retreat convened by the U.N. Secretary-General for high-ranking government leaders and international development actors to consider the Zero Draft of the Global Strategy. Next week health ministers will hold further discussions during the World Health Organization’s annual Assembly. And after the Strategy is launched later this year, countries will discuss a roadmap for implementation with a view to adopt it at the 2016 Health Assembly. I will urge them to support the new Global Strategy. It puts people at the center of the SDGs. Only by putting women, children, and adolescents at the center — to survive and thrive — can the SDGs bring about the transformation needed to attain and sustain the future we want…” (5/14).