Blog Posts, Pulitzer Center Reporting Project Discuss Reproductive Health, Family Planning Issues

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting: Reporting on Reproductive Health: Opportunities and Obstacles International Conference on Family Planning 2016
This reporting project includes six Pulitzer Center grantees’ work reporting on reproductive health issues at the International Conference on Family Planning 2016 (1/27).

IntraHealth International’s “Vital”: Youth Advocates Can Increase the Use of Modern Contraceptives, If We Listen to Them
Senam Beheton, founder and executive director of EtriLabs, discusses the role that youth play in strengthening family planning efforts in West Africa (1/27).

IntraHealth International’s “Vital”: What’s the Recipe for Family Planning Progress in Senegal?
Babacar Gueye, chief of party and country director for IntraHealth International Senegal, discusses Senegal’s progress in increasing family planning in the country and the importance of partnerships between the government and NGOs in moving these efforts forward (1/27).