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Public Health Expert Discusses Findings From Lancet Study Roundtable Discussion On Forecasting Global Health Outcomes

Global Health Hub: Forecasting global health outcomes to 2040: new Lancet study roundtable at Grand Challenges Annual Meeting 2018
Suchita Shah, family doctor, public health consultant, writer, editor, and primary care tutor at Oxford University, highlights a recent Grand Challenges roundtable, where experts discussed findings from a Lancet study forecasting how key drivers of health might affect life expectancy and mortality in countries worldwide. Shah highlights several remarks made by roundtable participants, including Sally Davies, chief medical officer for England and adviser to the U.K. government; Tore Godel, special adviser on global health to the Norwegian government; and Anita Zaidi, director of the Vaccine Development, Surveillance, and Enteric and Diarrheal Disease Programs at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (10/24).