Providing Clean, Reliable Water Sources, Basic Sanitation Necessary To Achieve Global Sustainability

Inter Press Service: Water and the World We Want
Corinne Schuster-Wallace, senior research fellow at the U.N. University Institute for Water, Environment and Health, and Robert Sandford, EPCOR Water Security Chair at U.N. University; both co-authors of “Water in the World We Want”

“…More than any other resource, freshwater underpins sustainable development. Not only is it necessary for life and human well-being, it’s a key element of all human industry. And a U.N. report launched Feb. 24, ‘Water in the World We Want,’ outlines what must be done within the world’s water system. … If we want to live in a sustainable world we have to provide clean and reliable sources of water to the billions of people who do not enjoy this basic right today and provide sanitation services to the more than two and a half billion people on Earth who lack even basic toilets…” (2/25).