Proposed House Bill Would Help Strengthen Developing Countries’ Health Workforces, Improve Resiliency, Global Health Security

The Hill: Bill would strengthen frontline defense against disease
Eileen Natuzzi, medical education coordinator at the Solomon Island Living Memorial Project of San Diego State University’s School of Public Health

“…[HR 419] proposes the U.S. government support strengthening the frontline health workforce in developing countries where 80 percent of the world’s diseases occur. HR 419 is forward thinking, sustainable, cost effective, and righteous. … Building an adequate health work force … is a form of prevention, not just in preventing diseases and in saving lives in countries where people die from measles and appendicitis, it prevents these diseases from crossing borders by providing an adequate health system within communities staffed by local residents. … By passing and implementing HR 419 the global health threats we fear can be contained, controlled, and perhaps even prevented. But we need local doctors, nurses, and health technicians to do that” (10/13).