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Proposed Food Aid Reform Will Help Long-Term Agricultural Goals In U.S., Abroad

“[A]s an agricultural advocate for Oxfam America, being productive means supporting sisters and brothers around the world to farm as I do and help feed their neighbors,” former farmer and rancher Jim French, agriculture advocacy lead at Oxfam America, writes in the organization’s blog. “As a member of the Farm Bureau, … I am so disappointed that the Farm Bureau would distort the need for [proposed food aid] reforms in a recent editorial,” he states, adding, “American Farm Bureau Federation President Stallman calls in to question the accountability and efficacy of using cash, rather than shipping food.” However, French notes “[t]he proposed reforms don’t eliminate U.S.-produced commodities from being used for aid” because “the majority of emergency food aid will remain in that form.” He concludes, “While emergency food aid may be a band-aid for a day, our support of long-term agricultural programs and market development helps create stability, more food, and new customers for our own goods” (5/15).