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Progress Made Against Hepatitis, But More Remains To Be Done

The following blogs discuss World Hepatitis Day, recognized annually on July 28.

Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks”: World Hepatitis Day: Sub-Saharan Africa sees progress, but persisting risks for HBV, HBC transfusion-transmitted infections, CDC reports
Antigone Barton, writer and editor of “Science Speaks” and senior communications officer at the Center for Global Health Policy, examines a report from the CDC looking at blood screening practices in Africa (7/28).

PLOS “Speaking of Medicine”: World Hepatitis Day 2014 — Think Again
Victor Buckwold, a microbiologist who studied hepatitis, discusses progress in treating and preventing hepatitis but writes “it remains a major public health issue — the biggest problem continues to be that most people don’t know that they are infected…” (7/28).