Progress In Research Made, Funding Shortfalls Persist 6 Months Into Zika Epidemic

The Lancet: The Zika virus public health emergency: 6 months on
“…Feb. 1 was a landmark day in the history of the current Zika epidemic. … Since the [WHO’s Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)] declaration, scientists have made several unexpected discoveries about the Zika virus. … Many knowledge gaps, however, remain. … Another initiative is crying out for financial investment. In February, WHO, together with 23 partner organizations, launched a response strategy aimed mainly at preventing and managing the socioeconomic and medical problems caused by the epidemic and at coordinating research on these problems. … The next six months’ work [on the strategy] will require an estimated $122 million. So far only $3 million has been received…” (Maurice, 7/30).