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Private Sector Partners Can Help U.S. Invest In More Efficient, Effective Development Outcomes

Huffington Post: USAID 2.0: Improving Impact and Outcomes
Jean Case, CEO of Case Foundation

“…Administrator Shah should be commended for inviting the private sector in as partners in the work of making USAID a more effective and impactful agency. … The private sector has always understood the need to constantly revisit what is working and what is not, and to pivot or move investments and activities to those areas that hold the greatest potential for successful outcomes. Too often, government agencies don’t embrace this approach. Leaders in government need more than encouragement to change and adapt programs and budgets to drive efficiencies and effectiveness. Congress and the White House should consider how to provide guidance to agencies to ensure these efforts are undertaken and that they endure. When outcomes and impacts improve, stakeholders are better served and taxpayers enjoy a better ‘return’ on the dollars they contribute — making it a ‘win-win’ for all” (7/15).