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Private Sector, NGOs Must Collaborate To Reduce Chronic Disease Burden

Devex: 5 smart ways for the private sector and NGOs to tackle chronic diseases together
Jeff Sturchio, president & CEO of Rabin Martin

“…The greatest contribution of health care companies to public health is and always will be the research and development of medicines and technologies to diagnose, prevent, treat, and manage disease. But here are some other ways that the private sector and their partners can and are working to reduce the burden of NCDs: Strengthening the health workforce. … Making workplaces smoke-free. … Creating healthier product offerings. … Reaching underserved populations. … Building healthy cities. … While companies can be and are engaged in a multitude of ways, it’s important to keep in mind that private sector partnerships are not a panacea for all the problems posed by chronic illness. But as a global community, we can work together to do more with less…” (9/29).