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Private Sector Involvement In Humanitarian Aid Can Benefit Business And Those In Need

The Guardian: When disaster hits, does it matter if a business profits amid the poverty?
Steven Zyck, co-author, of a forthcoming report titled, “Humanitarian crises, emergency preparedness and response: the role of business and the private sector”

“…Aid agencies will always be necessary. Businesses are not going to be able — or necessarily want — to meet the needs of everyone affected by crises. … However, aid agencies also need to be receptive to the necessary changes afoot. Some staff remain skeptical about private companies getting involved in responding to crises, fearful of exploitation in the name of profit margins. But as long as businesses are run ethically, most people hit by disasters do not care if a soda company is distributing drinking water to build its market share and brand reputation. In an emergency, the outcomes — not the motives — should be the chief priority…” (7/16).