Private Sector Involvement, Collaboration Across Sectors Critical To Achieving UHC

Huffington Post: Achieving Universal Health Coverage: It’s About Time
Jeffrey L. Sturchio, president & CEO at Rabin Martin

“…[Achieving universal health coverage (UHC)] requires a marriage between the art of allocating resources appropriately with the reality of the burden of disease and what can be done to mitigate it. … Each country has to determine its unique path to UHC, develop a strategy to reach that goal, and engage other sectors to support their efforts. Multilateral institutions, private providers, patient groups, NGOs, foundations, and companies have the expertise, knowledge, and human capacity that can assist countries in achieving UHC. … It is only through greater collaboration across sectors that real progress will be made toward achieving UHC. … Let’s focus on how the private sector can help realize universal health coverage for the millions of people around the globe who need it the most. It’s about time” (12/14).