Private Philanthropy Playing Role In COVID-19 Pandemic Response, Vaccine Research

Devex: COVID-19 demands speed, long-term thinking from private foundations
“The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing many philanthropic foundations to give more money more quickly, with fewer strings attached to support responses, according to Kathleen Enright, CEO at the nonprofit Council on Foundations. The sudden increase in funding for COVID-19 could become a more routine part of foundations’ standard giving portfolios. But it will take some time for the funding data on giving to catch up with anecdotal evidence…” (Lieberman, 5/22).

Financial Times: Philanthropists play a crucial role in developing vaccines
“With long time horizons, complex science and high failure rates, vaccine development is not for the faint-hearted philanthropist. But in a world gripped by coronavirus, many donors have put aside such concerns and are writing large cheques in the hope of contributing to the end of the pandemic…” (Murray, 5/21).