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Private Businesses’ Investments In Sustainable Development Practices ‘Simply Good Business’

The Hill: Sustainable development needs sustainable finance
Gavin E.R. Wilson, CEO of IFC Asset Management Company

“…[The Business & Sustainable Development Commission] wanted to make the business case for the SDGs and the SDG case for business. … The Commission’s team has calculated that achieving the goals will open up a US$12 trillion market opportunity — difficult for a forward-looking business to ignore. … Let me highlight three immediate action points which could strengthen the flow of capital to sustainable investments in emerging markets. First, we need greater transparency and a more consistent approach to measuring the sustainability performance of business. … Secondly, we need more widespread use of financial instruments that efficiently share risk in a way that attracts more private finance into sustainable development. … Thirdly, we need regulatory reforms that promote long-term investment and avoid short-termism. … The Commission’s estimate is that a consistent focus on sustainability can give a company a five year market advantage. In other words, sustainable business is simply good business…” (1/19).