Prior Dengue Infection Might Have Protective Effect Against Zika, Study Shows

CIDRAP News: Study: Dengue immunity may have offered protection against Zika in Brazil
“A new study published [Thursday] in Science shows that prior dengue infection may have protected some Brazilians from severe Zika infections during the 2015-2016 epidemic in the Americas. The study findings could have major implications for both Zika and dengue vaccine developments…” (Soucheray, 2/7).

Reuters: Prior dengue infection may protect against Zika — study
“…Overall, the study found that Zika affected 73 percent of study participants, and the high infection rate in this corner of Brazil explains the high numbers of infants later born with microcephaly, said Albert Ko of the Yale School of Public Health, one of the study’s lead authors. Women in this study who had previously been exposed to dengue, however, were less likely to get Zika…” (Steenhuysen, 2/7).