Presidents Buhari, Obama Should Commit To Ending Polio In Nigeria, Africa

The Hill: Buhari and Obama can end polio in Africa
Oyewale Tomori, president of the Nigerian Academy of Science

“…Nigeria’s progress to date [on polio] is encouraging, but the country must go an additional two years without a case to be certified polio-free along with the rest of the WHO African region. We will not make it that far without the steadfast commitment of both [Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari and U.S. President Barack Obama]. … The U.S. has been a historically strong donor to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative and … it is critical that Obama continues to lead the global effort. … Buhari has the historic opportunity to end polio forever on his watch, but only if he dedicates the necessary resources to improve campaign quality, intensify surveillance measures, and reach children in all parts of the country … Until we reach every child, all children remain at risk. … While it’s critical that we don’t lose focus on eradication, we must also increase investment in our often fragile health system. … So, to Buhari and our friend to the West, let us commit, once again and finally, to rid Nigeria and Africa of polio…” (7/20).