President-Elect Trump Can Take Steps To Make Progress In Cancer Moonshot, Other Health Initiatives

The Hill: How Trump can aim the ‘Cancer Moonshot’ toward the stars
Nancy G. Brinker, founder of Susan G. Komen, and Eric T. Rosenthal, independent journalist, and both co-chairs of cancer forums for the Concordia Summit

“…[President-elect Donald Trump] should review carefully — and critically — … the future of President Obama’s ‘Cancer Moonshot’ initiative, which launched with highly political overtones at January’s State of the Union address and has been fraught with partisan overtones ever since … So, Mr. President-elect, here are a few of our suggestions regarding Moonshot: Weigh the value of important public health initiatives, which are not just limited to cancer. Take seriously the permanent appointment of a director of the National Cancer Institute who can help lead the nation’s cancer research program. Determine objectively, realistically, and meaningfully what can be done in the best interests of our country’s and the world’s health. Select the most qualified individuals regardless of their party affiliation or friends and allies, encourage collaborations, and hold everyone involved accountable … Show all those who have backed Moonshot … that your interests in health transcends those of politics. And, please, please, appeal to the good sense and responsible stewardship of members from both sides of the aisle in both houses of Congress to do the right thing, acting in the best interests of cancer care in this country and around the world” (11/14).