President-Elect Trump, U.S. Congress Can Take 3 Actions To Speed Discovery Of Cures, Advance Health

Wall Street Journal: Three Ways to Find More Disease Cures
Michael Milken, chair of the Milken Institute

“The triumph of science over disease in the past century is astounding. Since 1900, a host of maladies — diphtheria, measles, whooping cough, polio, tetanus, typhoid, and smallpox, among others — have been mostly controlled. These victories helped more than double human lifespans over the 20th century, according to the World Health Organization. … Medical research has significantly reduced the burden of cancer and heart disease. … Here are three actions that Congress and the new administration can take to speed up the discovery of cures. 1. Share Department of Veterans Affairs data. … 2. Pass the Cures Act. … 3. Set a funding goal and stick to it. … [C]onsistency of funding is as important as the funding itself. These are among the most important challenges President-elect Trump and Congress must confront as growing numbers of Americans deal with the health issues of aging. Many of us in the private economy stand ready to partner with the new leadership in Washington to advance the nation’s health” (11/28).