‘Precision’ Approach To Global Health Moves Beyond Prevention, Control Of Diseases, Could Accelerate Progress Toward SDG Targets

The Lancet: Precision global health: beyond prevention and control
Editorial Board

“…A tailored approach [to health] will … help in reaching broader global health targets. … In some areas progress could be accelerated with more refined targeting of causes of death. Knowing where to target interventions to reduce mortality, by analyzing the variability in the distribution of health outcomes for different causes would optimize efforts to reduce child mortality. … Spatial analyses … provide crucial granular information — in line with a precision approach to global health — that could contribute to the progress towards the [Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)]. … [B]eyond the essential steps of event surveillance and case management, on which the prevention and control of diseases are based, if we are to truly advance health and eliminate diseases, a case can be made for a tailored approach and the advent of precision-style global health” (January 2017).