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Post-2015 Agenda Should Focus On Sustainable Development

Huffington Post: For Post-2015, International Community Should Focus on Enabling Sustainable Development
Ulysses Smith, chair of the New York City Bar Association’s United Nations Committee

“Now that the high-level meetings have concluded, and the echoing of motorcade sirens has faded from the canyons of Manhattan’s East Side, it is time for the international community to roll up its sleeves and get to the business of deciding the world’s new development agenda, known as the Post-2015 Agenda, the successor to the Millennium Development Goals which expire at the end of next year. … In order to have an impact on the process, and indeed, in order to shape it so that the agenda will be effective and able to anticipate the dramatic changes to come over the next 15 years, the Secretary-General should set forth a vision for a practical development agenda. Such an agenda should focus on enabling development and should exemplify the profound moral understanding of the current proposal while providing a realistic starting point for Member State negotiations” (10/29).