Trump Administration Should Take ‘Thoughtful Approach’ To Funding U.S. Development Assistance Programs, MFAN Experts Write In Opinion Piece

Devex: Opinion: The hidden cost of cuts — how slashing foreign aid is wasteful and ineffective
Larry Nowels, co-chair of the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network (MFAN), and Conor Savoy, executive director of MFAN

“…When steadily and thoughtfully funded, U.S. development assistance can be a highly effective investment in U.S. interests abroad. … When funding for a program is suddenly in question, … time, money, and impact is lost as program managers attempt to plan for all scenarios that may arise due to resource uncertainties. … If sudden, unplanned cuts are actually enacted, … they can undermine the achievements of U.S. programs and investments and potentially reverse progress that has been made. … There are ways to thoughtfully prioritize funding decisions based on evidence, analysis, data, and program evaluations in order to maximize the effectiveness of meaningful American investments. … The current administration should take this thoughtful approach with programs such as Food for Peace, where reform — rather than outright elimination — would be more meaningful and cost-effective. This is a call for the Trump administration to understand that bluntly slashing foreign aid programs is inefficient, ineffective, and wasteful” (2/21).