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Poor Nutrition Affects One-Third Of World’s Population, Strains Health Systems, Report Shows

The Guardian: Poor nutrition now affects a third of the human race, says report
“Malnutrition has become ‘the new normal’ and now affects a third of humanity, according to a study that warns of the devastating human and economic toll of undernutrition and obesity. … Not only is malnutrition responsible for nearly half of all deaths of children under five, it is also, along with poor diet, the leading driver of the global burden of disease…” (Jones, 6/13).

New York Times: Malnutrition and Obesity Coexist in Many Countries, Report Finds
“Twenty countries are triply cursed: They have serious levels of malnutrition, diet-related anemia, and obesity, according to the Global Nutrition Report published on Monday. Only China, Vietnam, and South Korea had no serious problems with any of the three indicators that health experts used as harbingers of poor nutrition: stunted toddlers, anemic young women, and obese adults. The United States, Germany, and 12 other countries have significant obesity…” (McNeil, 6/13).

Reuters: Too fat, too thin: Report finds malnutrition fuels disease worldwide
“At least 57 countries have a double burden of serious levels of under nutrition — including stunting and anemia — as well as rising numbers of adults who are overweight or obese, putting a massive strain on sometimes already fragile health systems…” (Kelland, 6/13).