PolitiFact Examines Bill Clinton’s Statements On Hillary Clinton’s Efforts To Increase Number Of People On HIV Treatment Under PEPFAR

PolitiFact: Bill Clinton: Hillary tripled AIDS treatment without spending more
“…Bill Clinton said [during his Democratic convention speech that] when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, she tripled the number of people with AIDS whose ‘lives are being saved,’ and it didn’t cost taxpayers any more money. Clinton took some liberties with the numbers. Treatment rose rapidly by about 250 percent. That’s not quite triple. But Clinton was right that those gains came without additional spending in inflation-adjusted dollars. And while Hillary Clinton can’t take full credit, outsiders said she did set the overall direction for how the program should move forward and intervened in specific ways to help it do more at a lower cost. We rate this claim Mostly True” (Greenberg, 8/10).