Political Will, Strong Leadership From U.S. Needed To End AIDS Epidemic

“This Thursday’s commemoration of World AIDS Day marks a potential turning point in the fight against a global epidemic that has yet to be arrested,” a Detroit Free Press editorial states. “Over the past three decades, scientific discoveries about [HIV] and advances in treating it have brought the end of the AIDS epidemic within view. Accomplishing that, however, will take political will, additional resources and even stronger leadership by the United States,” it continues.

The editorial highlights the results of “a U.S.-funded study known as HPTN 052,” which showed “treating HIV-positive people with antiretroviral therapy (ART) can reduce the risk of transmission to their uninfected partners by an astonishing 96 percent,” according to the editorial. It concludes, “The science is now available to save millions from dying. … Now, more than ever, the world needs the political will and resources to apply this science, and the U.S. to continue its leadership in global health” (11/29).