Political Will Necessary To Address Acute Food Insecurity, Chronic Under-Nutrition

The Conversation: Why hunger is on the rise in the world, and what can be done about it
Peter Atkins, professor at Durham University

“…The causes of famine and food insecurity are multiple. … A crucial anti-famine strategy is investing in science to provide early warnings. … Another major development that’s needed is investment in infrastructure and agriculture. … If policymakers don’t come forward with these or other solutions, acute food insecurity and chronic under-nutrition will last as long as ultra-poverty persists, especially among marginalized groups in marginal environments. … [F]amine and food insecurity are complex and their solution definitely comes into the difficult category. But we now realize that hunger is not inevitable and that we have a moral duty to solve it as soon as possible. The only thing missing is the political will” (10/2).