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Political Will, Funding, Health System Reform Needed To Fast-Track AIDS Response In South Africa

Newsweek: Why Mbeki’s HIV Views Have No Place In South Africa
Anele Yawa, general secretary of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC)

“Former South African President Thabo Mbeki published an open letter on Monday, addressing his handling of the AIDS epidemic in South Africa. … As before, he makes confused arguments about HIV and nutrition and misrepresents mortality data in the same way he did a decade ago. … The challenge is that in 2016, AIDS has fallen out of the limelight. Political will and donor funding is on the wane. We are in the agonizing situation where epidemiological models suggest that we can achieve an end to this syndrome if we invest in fast-tracking the AIDS response — but even as we finally see the shore ahead of us, the hard fact of the matter is that we are not seeing the investment or the reform of health care systems that will get us there…” (3/12).