Opinion Piece, Letter To Editor Discuss How Sustained Responses To Ebola, Health Systems Strengthening Needed In West Africa

Huffington Post: Ebola is What Happens When Promises Are Broken
Bono, lead singer of U2 and co-founder of ONE

“…The Ebola outbreak in West Africa — and the world’s inept initial response to it — shows how fragile we are on all fronts. Because the epidemic isn’t just a failure of health systems in poor countries, or of leadership and coordination by wealthy ones, it’s also a failure of our value system. If governments the world over had kept their promises to fight extreme poverty and diseases, the three countries most affected would have had stronger national immune systems. … Ebola has taught us that our value system needs a shot in the arm. The real villain is not a virus or microbe, it is when good policies, well thought-out, are not funded or followed through” (11/20).

New York Times: Fighting Ebola in Liberia: The CDC Director’s View
Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

“‘Internal Discord Hampers a Fight Against Ebola’ (front page, Nov. 20) may leave readers with the impression that little has been achieved by international efforts against Ebola in Liberia. … Despite limited health care infrastructure and the challenging epidemic, real progress is being made through collaboration between Liberian and international health professionals. … Rapid changes in the epidemic require rapid adaptations of the response. Healthy discussion and debate are a normal part of any emergency response. There is much farther to go. Accelerating speed and scale is critical in the coming months, and it will be possible to track and stop every chain of transmission and control Ebola only with additional resources from Congress” (11/20).