Political Will Critical To Addressing Polio, Lassa Fever, Yellow Fever In Nigeria

The Guardian Nigeria: Polio, Lassa and Yellow fever: Where is the political will?
Patrick Dele Cole

“Since the conception of Nigeria as an independent country it has struggled with a number of deadly viruses and diseases. The most prominent and reoccurring have been polio, Lassa fever, and yellow fever. … Nigeria’s health sector has a number of issues; poor financing, inadequate number of health personnel per capita, poor support infrastructure, dearth of equipment, and little or negligible investments in research. … Nigeria needs to act swiftly in order to quell the outbreaks of the aforementioned viruses. … In all these cases simple basic hygiene by washing and cleaning … hands would have helped but we have no clean water. Most important however, is the apparent lack of political will to see these problems as holistic and to solve them accordingly…” (2/15).