Political Momentum Can Help Global Progress To End TB

HuffPost: High-Level Spotlight On Tuberculosis, The Top Infectious Killer
Mario Raviglione, director of the Global Tuberculosis Programme at the WHO

“The spotlight on the fight against tuberculosis (TB) has never been as bright as it is right now. … We have been stressing on the solutions to end TB for the past many years. What has been lacking is political commitment followed by action and investments to ensure these solutions actually get implemented effectively. … Increased resources are fundamental to accelerate progress. … Closing [the TB care and prevention funding] gap requires more resources from both domestic sources (especially in middle-income countries like the BRICS and other emerging economies) and international donors (especially in low-income countries that still largely depend on the influx of aid money). TB research and development also remains severely underfunded. … This is why I am so pleased that we finally have the spotlight on TB. We have unprecedented — never in the history of TB — political momentum with two high-level events to help us take the faster route to end TB, thus avoiding millions of unnecessary deaths, stigma, and discrimination…” (10/30).