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Polio Eradication Possible With Continued Support From Commonwealth Leaders

Devex: Opinion: One of the greatest days of the human race is within reach, all we need is political will
Joseph Muscat, prime minister of Malta and former Commonwealth chair-in-office

“…April’s [Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM)] was a welcome and timely reminder of the fact that we are 99.9 percent of the way toward eradicating polio. … [A]t CHOGM, leaders ’emphasized their continued support’ for the success of the program once and for all. After all, if eliminated, it will provide both the political will and the infrastructure to tackle other infectious diseases including malaria, and neglected tropical diseases such as trachoma … As I prepared to hand over leadership of this extraordinary association of nations, I urged Commonwealth leaders to commit the necessary political will and financial resources to eliminate polio once and for all. Our determination and unity in this endeavor will truly show why the Commonwealth is still a relevant and effective institution” (5/8).