Policies Should Help Equip Local Farmers To Adapt To Climate Change

HuffPost: A Recipe to End Hunger: Food Policies that Adapt to Climate Change
Joan, Josep, and Jordi Roca, chefs and goodwill ambassadors at UNDP working with the SDG Fund

“…On small farms across the globe, food and agriculture are the primary drivers of development and poverty reduction. Without more climate-resilient food systems, we risk even greater calamities and the unraveling of progress we’ve made in reducing hunger, protecting our planet, and supporting developing economies to reach their full potential. … Local policymakers and farmers alike need new skills, tools, and technologies to better respond to climate change. … [W]e have the opportunity to connect the drivers that impact food production with the policies, plans, and procedures we will need to adapt the way we grow food. Ending world hunger remains an ambitious goal, but we can help reach it, farm by farm. Let’s start by giving our farmers the seeds, policies, and support they need to adapt to climate change. Our children and our planet deserve it” (9/27).