PLOS Blog Highlights New Articles Published In PLOS Medicine

The PLOS “Speaking of Medicine” blog highlights a number of new articles published in the current issue of PLOS Medicine. A meta-analysis “implies that the risk of early neonatal infection among women with maternal infections is high and presumably even higher in low-resource settings where most women deliver at home without access to health care,” and an essay examines how researchers have adapted the WHO’s Mental Health Gap Action Programme Intervention Guide (mhGAP-IG) for use in Nigeria, according the blog. Another trial “evaluate[s] the effect of household water treatment in preventing diarrheal illnesses in children under five years of age in Orissa, a state in southeast India,” the blog writes, noting, “The results provide no evidence that the intervention was protective against diarrhea and raise additional questions about the actual health impact of household water treatment under these conditions” (8/20).