Human Rights, Mental Health Experts Discuss Reasons Congress Should Oppose Gina Haspel As CIA Director

Physicians for Human Rights: The Facts About Gina Haspel and Why We Should Oppose Her Appointment as CIA Head
Donna McKay, executive director at Physicians for Human Rights, discusses CIA director nominee Gina Haspel and her alleged involvement in controversial interrogation techniques, offering reasons why Congress should oppose her appointment. McKay writes, “Making Haspel CIA director would effectively reward the agency’s use of torture and send a dangerous message to torturers around the world to continue their barbarity without consequence. We simply must do better by victims and survivors of torture and ensure these acts remain a part of history, never to be repeated” (5/9).

Physicians for Human Rights: We have evaluated torture survivors. Gina Haspel cannot head the CIA.
Sondra Crosby, associate professor at Boston University and medical consultant at Physicians for Human Rights, and Brock Chisholm, consultant clinical psychologist, founder of Trauma Treatment International, and director of Criterion A Psychology Services, discuss the use of controversial interrogation techniques and impacts on survivors, writing, “We have spent a combined 40 years evaluating torture survivors, and our unique, intimate perspective leads us to just one conclusion: confirming Haspel to lead the CIA would be unconscionable” (5/7).