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Pharmaceutical Industry Should Fulfill 4 Key Commitments In Efforts To Stop Spread Of HIV

Project Syndicate: Four Ways to Beat HIV/AIDS
Heather Bresch, CEO of Mylan

“…The pharmaceutical industry has a responsibility to expand access to testing and treatment, and to help stop the spread of HIV once and for all. Fulfilling four key commitments will make this goal achievable. For starters, pharmaceutical companies should do more to increase the availability of low-cost, generic medicines. … Next, drug makers must continue investing in capacity and supply-chain reliability. … A third urgently needed commitment is to increase support for research that accelerates the development of new innovations in effective and efficient treatment delivery. … Finally, real gains in the fight against HIV/AIDS will require drug makers to account for the limitations of health care systems and distribution networks in the developing countries they serve. … The global health community has made remarkable progress in turning the tide on HIV/AIDS, introducing new products and advocating for earlier treatment. … Makers of generic medicines have an important role to play in this fight, and we will not stop working until treatment is available to every patient in the world who needs it” (12/1).