Pharmaceutical Industry, Governments Should Work Together To Achieve UHC By 2030

Devex: Opinion: Adversity is the mother of invention
Thomas B. Cueni, director general of IFPMA

“…The innovative pharmaceutical industry, through both new medicines and partnerships, is helping to move the compass needle [toward achieving universal health coverage by 2030]. … Our core business is innovation. … To boost research, we are collaborating more and more. … [WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus] was right to insist that improving health is a political choice. We need a ‘social contract’ whereby rich countries pay more than poor countries and a new sense of urgency in setting the right priorities … Pharmaceutical companies are ready and willing to help governments meet these challenges, making people healthier and more prosperous at the same time. … [W]e are now surely and firmly set on course to change the world for the better. Only our lack of imagination and ideological posturing — which puts barriers in the way, rather than creating trust and a shared agenda for change — will stop us now” (10/9).