IFPMA Director General Advocates For Pharmaceutical Tiered Pricing To Reach UHC In Opinion Piece

Financial Times: Rich countries must pay more to achieve health for all in poorer countries
Thomas B. Cueni, director general of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA)

“…The question is no longer whether the private sector has a role to play in UHC but rather how to best work with the private sector in delivering it. … The way to improve access to medicines, quality generics as well as innovative drugs, is to ensure that they reach the patients and create conditions which allow for differential pricing to make innovative medicines more affordable and accessible in LMICs. We advocate value-based pricing and that means advocating for some form of tiered pricing, whereby the wealthy accept to pay more for their medicines than the poorer and more vulnerable in society. … Health for all is a journey unique to each country’s needs and priorities. If the political will is there for the long haul, as the UHC declaration would suggest it is, then countries should be able to find the necessary resources and partners across the private sector to achieve their health goals…” (10/29).