Pfizer Announces 6% Pneumococcal Vaccine Price Cut At Gavi Pledging Conference; Critics Say Reduction Not Enough

The Guardian: Vaccine price cut pledge not enough, critics tell Pfizer
“…At a donor conference in Berlin hosted by Angela Merkel to raise funds for the global vaccines alliance Gavi, Pfizer offered to cut the price [of its pneumococcal vaccine] from $3.30 a dose to $3.10. Each child needs three doses. The other company making the vaccine, the British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline, said it would freeze the price for 10 years for middle-income countries that lose Gavi funding because of their increasing wealth…” (Boseley, 1/26).

Reuters: Pfizer cuts vaccine price for poor as Gavi group seeks $7.5 bln
“…Pfizer’s move comes as Gavi holds a major funding conference in Berlin at which it hopes to raise $7.5 billion from donors to pay for increased deployment of vaccines in the developing world between 2016 and 2020. The final amounted raised will be decided at the end of talks on Tuesday, although Gavi Chief Executive Seth Berkley said he was confident there would be enough money to immunize another 300 million children as planned…” (Hirschler, 1/26).