PEPFAR’s Success Extends To Areas Beyond Public Health; U.S. Should Continue ‘Great Story’ Of Leadership In Global Health

Huffington Post: An Unqualified U.S. Foreign Policy Success
Mark Pfeifle, founder of Off the Record Strategies

“…Beyond halting the worldwide spread of HIV/AIDS, [PEPFAR] has improved world public opinion of the United States, enhanced regional socio-economic development, and increased the stability of the countries where PEPFAR has operated. … With such impressive public health results — not to mention the equally formidable gains that PEPFAR has achieved in improving world stability and U.S. security — there should be no retreat from America’s leadership in global health. That’s especially true in the face of new global pandemic challenges like the H1N1 flu, Ebola, and other diseases. The verdict is in: in America’s toolbox of foreign policy options, PEPFAR has proven itself, and with flying colors. This is a great story of American leadership that needs to be told — and never retreated from” (12/8).